An authentic experience – the finest ingredients

We use fresh milk and whipped cream, juice and pulp from select fruit, fresh nuts and the finest chocolate available.


We never use artificial colourings or preservatives.
A well­preserved secret – fresh ice cream with a shelf life of 6 ­9 months
Our ice cream and treats are made­to­order and we guarantee freshness.

The “nostalgic” flavour

Nostalgia always tastes the same. Classic ice cream flavours and treats travel us in space and time, as they are based on successful secret
recipes handed down from one generation to another.

Tasting – Flavour variety and originality

At Kayak, you will find the most eccentric and original flavours modelled after the latest culinary trends in Greece and around the world: nonsweet ice cream, alcohol­based ice cream, spicy ice cream, as well as quality that one would expect from a chef of a top­rated restaurant.

A precious essence – Low addition of air

Our ice cream features a 25 ­ 30 % rate of added air*, the minimum percentage of air required to make ice cream. This translates into a richer
and creamier texture that tastes better, although less in volume.


The high quality of the raw materials used for their manufacture (Valrhona chocolate, top­rated fruit juice and purées) excludes our products
from being categorized as “second­rate” solutions. We know you want something special and are able to distinguish and appreciate the
difference in flavour and quality.
Our products offer a superb quality/price ratio.

THINK GREEN – Organic ice cream

Kayak is the only company in Greece that offers organic ice cream in four magical flavours (pure vanilla, rich chocolate, real strawberry,
exotic green tea).

THINK SLIM – Ice cream with half the calories

Loyal to our passion for the purest and most natural ingredients, we removed sugar and replaced it with natural sweeteners (vanilla,
chocolate, strawberry sorbet, yogurt and cereal).

ONE WISH – An ice cream tailored to you

Our flexibility and expertise enable us to cater exclusively for any occasion. From corporate events to dinner parties; we can provide you with
any custom­made flavour you wish (for orders over 18 kg).

Our ROOTS – The Greek company

As a Greek company we are very aware of the culinary preferences, customs and particularities of the Greek people and our flavour
selection reflects this: tsoureki, melomakarono, kourambies, parfait, mastic, fig, melon­flavoured ice cream.


­ ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 22000:2005
We conduct our business according to the latest standards in state­of­the art facilities and have received ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 22000:2005


For us, customers are the top priority and our entire philosophy is based around them. Kayak is a well­kept secret circulated by word of
mouth from happy ice cream lovers.

* Under normal conditions, doubling the volume by adding air may be up to 100%

Our goals are to discover the perfect recipe and innovate continuously. We aren't content with an existing offer and never stop

Stavridis Family - Kayak