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why kayak

KAYAK award winning premium ice cream & ΚΑΥΑΚ Greek Frozen Yogurt is produced by Kayak, a leading Greek ice cream manufacturer that has been founded in 1996 by George Stavrides.

From the very beginning, our founder’s aim was to simply create an ice cream with the best ingredients. KAYAK, was born!

We continue to search for the perfect recipe and practice the most modern techniques. Creating an authentic dining experience that forever changes our customer’s perception on ice cream.

Inspiring Flavors

We create recipes using the most natural ingredients, fresh milk, Greek strained yogurt, cream, fruit and real fine chocolate. Production takes place in our modernized facilities with certified production and controls but always loyal to its original values.


with 100% original Greek strained yogurt

Kayak SA is one of the few companies that produces Greek Frozen yogurt with approximately 34% of real Greek yogurt and not yogurt powder or yogurt cultures as most competition usually does.

Haute Patisserie

Play and experiment with various flavors. So, we created the chocolate sorbet, mastic & pink pepper, lemongrass, chocolate cayenne, lemon basil, ice cream with alcohol and spices. Our flavors startled the world just as a chef would in a gourmet restaurant.

We are in accordance with the latest trends in gastronomy and the world’s market place. We worked with the best chefs and were awarded in international competitions for our taste and our packaging. Moving on, we aim to expand the KAYAK brand internationally. Starting with our Greek frozen yogurt and expanding our range of ice cream.

Our aim is to propose new, healthy ways of nutrition and a combination of distinctive packaging and unique flavors. So we launched Kayak Greek Frozen Yogurt. 100% real Greek strained yogurt, fresh fruits and pure ingredients in eight delicious and tasteful flavors with premium quality ingredients such as stevia, quinoa, honey, sesame, basil and digestive cookies. Kayak Greek Frozen Yogurt Sticks is our new innovative product, the best choice for a delicacy next to the sea or by the pool.

We never stop searching and we never settle on existing flavors. Our goal is to innovate and to constantly look for the perfect recipe.


The values of Kayak

Fusing traditional recipes
with culinary current trends,
Kayak ice cream and Kayak Greek Frozen Yogurt

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Profile - Facilities

Kayak ice cream, frozen yogurt and desserts are produced in new production premises of 3.000sqm, a project that was complete...

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Unique Selling Points

We combine the finest fresh ingredients with the most
innovative production methods and “home-made”

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Kayak SA has been awarded as a GREAT TASTE PRODUCER, an award for companies that have achieved to win at list 3 awards within the last 5 years. Kayak has achieved 6 awards in the last 3 years!!! 5 of them for Kayak Greek Frozen Yogurt!


Greek Frozen Yogurt Mediterranean Orange with 2 *

Greek Frozen Yogurt Madagascar Vanilla with 1 *

Greek Frozen Yogurt Red Berries & Acai with 1 *


New Kayak store in The Mall Athens, Maroussi, at the 3rd floor.

Winter Fancy Food Show San Francisco 2017


Sial China, Sanghai 2017


Estia Awards – Gold in Total Experience
Winter Fancy Food Show San Francisco 2016
Kayak Point in Grand Resort Lagonissi


ANUGA 2015, Germany
Great Taste Awards 2015: Valrhona Chocolate Sorbet
National Champion – Business of the Year in European Business Award 2015/2016


SIAL Innovation Selection 2014 for Greek Frozen Yogurt Cups 500ml & Sticks
Launching Kayak Greek Frozen Yogurt 500ml & Kayak Greek Frozen Yogurt Sticks
Great Taste Awards 2014: Greek Frozen Yogurt Honey & Sesame &
Greek Frozen Yogurt Passion Fruit Mango & Jasmine
National Champion for Customer Focus Award in European Business Award 2014/2015
KAYAK Point in Athens International Airport


Great Taste Awards 2012:
– Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream
– Mastic Pink Pepper Ice Creamι
– Lemon Grass Ice Cream
KAYAK All day Café Boutique in Glyfada


Kayak Boutique in Costa Navarino Resort.


Superior Taste Awards 2009 for Sorbet Cassis from International Taste & Quality Institute
Collaboration with Lenotre and Gerard Taurin – Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Ice Cream World Champion.


Food Packaging Award for our packaging (designed by K2 Design) in 7η EVGE Design & Illustration Competition
Collaboration with  pastry chef Pierre Herme


Kayak boutique in Mykonos Island
First Bio Ice Cream in Greece, in 4 flavors


Kayak & Lenotre – VIP catering of Olympic Games Athens 2004
ISO &HACCP certification


Collaboration with pastry chef Alain Chartier


Production of the first Chocolate Sorbet in Greece with Valrhona Chocolate


The first salty ice cream in Grece – Tomato & Basil


The first ice cream with alcohol in Greece – Champange Sorbet