Creativity without limits!

When inspiration meets create the brightness of the magic that our far … pleasantly surprised! In Kayak we like to surprise your taste. We want to fulfill your small culinary desires, to implement the gourmet dreams.
Our inspiration is nature, life, loved friends, the magic of the moment, travel in dreamy destinations.
We use the purest ingredients, fresh fruit, and we create inspired combinations.
Ice cream with alcohol, savory ice creams, ice cream bites of sweets.


Simple, fresh, select, pure and natural ingredients are sorted and crafted with a touch of magic and lots of imagination, passion, love, hard
work; secret recipes yield extraordinary and unconventionally ­flavoured ice cream that let you travel in space and time.

We focus on a comprehensive, multi­dimensional experience, from dinner at home to formal occasions. This experience speaks to all five
senses as a well­staged performance with a beginning, middle and end. A good closure is always a top priority; never underestimate the
impact of dessert on the finest meal.

Kayak has created unique combinations and innovative ideas for ice creams and desserts and changed our perception of the world of
gastronomy. The products are addressed to a select public with high expectations. This is why Kayak is the first choice among top gourmet


“Explore our 4 syrups: Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Sour Cherry”

Original Greek Frozen Yogurt

“Healthy, Unique, Innovative! The only one with 100% real Greek strained yogurt, produced in Greece.”


“We love what we do and we do it passionately! We use only the best ingredients, from the nature straight to your scoop.”

In its creations, Kayak, has chosen to follow the difficult, yet enchanting and elaborate path of ice­cream making as an art and craft. Our products are exclusively distributed to select locations.

Our goal is to always innovate and look for the perfect recipe. We never quit creating new products; never contenting ourselves with what is already on offer. In addition to our well­known classic flavours, we are now producing savoury ice cream, as well as alcohol­based flavours with an extremely unconventional and groundbreaking result (sorbetinis). Always loyal to its principles, Kayak has created the first organic ice cream (think green) and the first ice cream with no sugar added (think slim), replacing sugar with natural sweeteners.
Kayak stands out for its high­quality products, flexible production methods as well as for manufacturing ice cream tailored to the world’s ice cream market trends. Its manufacturing flexibility has helped the company go one step further; we create flavours customised to each customer’s demands.

Enabled by its high­tech equipment, Kayak is the only Greek company that provides trade professionals with the possibility to create flavours tailored to their particular demands with the ingredients they prefer. Take aniseed, champagne, beer and tomato sorbets as examples. Success ingredients acknowledged by the best hotels and cafés in Athens.

We love what we do and we do it passionately. We put the best of our talent, inspiration and imagination into our creations. We are proud of ΚΑΥΑK.

Let your imagination to us...

Let us know for the flavor you wish for and we will create it for you! Minimum quantity upon discussion.